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Fights for His Mind

Atticus was a simple librarian in the realm of Tondan; he was one day approached by a strange figure who told him to give them his family heirloom, an amulet he wore always. He refused and the figure placed a curse on him; every time he would close his eyes, even to blink, he would see his loved ones tortured or killed in horrid ways. Eventually he was unable to take it any longer and he began to research ways to remove the curse.

He poured all of his time into his research, and soon his wife left him without him even noticing. Atticus began to practice dark arts and soon learned necromancy; he was at his wit's end and so he decided to find the person who cursed him and use his newfound power to force them to remove the curse. He found them after a long search; the figure drove him to such anger after refusing to remove the curse, and he used his power to kill them.

He brought them back with his necromancy but their powers were gone, and they were unable to remove the curse even if they wanted to. Atticus interrogated them and learned of a pillar that would grant wishes. Atticus left for the pillar to wish for the removal of the curse.


  • No. of Jumps: 2
  • Wall Jump: Y
  • Wall Cling: N
  • Tether Recovery?: N
  • Float?: N
  • Crawl?: N


  • Kill moves: up tilt, all smash attacks, back throw, up throw, neutral aerial, Hell Breaker, Gravestone explosion



  • Ledge Attack summons a skeleton.



◾Normal A- Atticus punches forth twice. 2%, 2%


◾Up Tilt- Atticus waves his arms around as though performing a spell and a small green flame appears over his head. 10%

◾Down Tilt- Atticus summons a skeleton that rises partially from the ground and swipes its hands across the ground. 4%, 3%

◾Forward Tilt- Atticus conjures a bone to his hand and swings it forwards. 6%

Heavy AttacksEdit

◾Up - Atticus pulls a skeletal sword from the ground and stabs it upwards. 13%

◾Fully Charged Up Heavy- Atticus pulls a skeletal sword, surrounds it with green flame, and stabs it upwards. 17%

◾Forward - Atticus summons three sharp bones from the ground in front of him. 15% when all hits connect

◾Fully Charged Forward Heavy- Atticus conjures a large flaming skull overhead and then slams it into the ground in front of himself. 20%

◾Down - Atticus strikes to one side with his fist engulfed in green flame and then to the other. 12%, 13%

◾Fully Charged Down Heavy- Atticus raises a fist, imbuing it with a white energy, and then slams it into the ground; the area around him explodes into white light with ghastly figures appearing throughout it. 18%

Other attacksEdit

◾Dash Attack - Atticus pulls a bone dagger from the ground and stabs forth with it. 12%

◾Ledge Attack - Atticus summons a skeleton a short distance from the edge that starts to move towards the edge; will act like a skeleton summoned by neutral special. 0%

Aerial AttacksEdit

◾Up aerial - Atticus swipes one arm overhead. 4%

◾Down aerial - Atticus stomps downwards twice. 3%, 5%

◾Neutral aerial - Atticus conjures three green fireballs that revolve around him. 5%

◾Forward aerial - Atticus kicks forwards. 6%

◾Back aerial - Atticus blasts a stream of green flames backwards. 12%

Grabs and ThrowsEdit

◾Pummel: A skeletal arm rises from the ground and punches the opponent. 1% each hit

◾Forward Throw- Atticus summons a skeleton behind the opponent that grabs the opponent and escorts them away from Atticus. 4%

◾Back Throw- Atticus summons a large skeletal hand from beneath the opponent that catapults them away. 8%

◾Down Throw- The skeletal hands in the ground pull the opponent to the ground and pin them down temporarily. 2%

◾Up Throw- Atticus summons a large skeletal arm from beneath the opponent that uppercuts them. 8%

Special MovesEdit

◾Neutral Special- Skull Shot/Skeleton: Atticus conjures a flaming green skull to his hand and lobs it forwards, with the skull bouncing across the ground; when down special is active, neutral special will instead summon a skeleton from the grave that will walk around the stage and attack enemies in their path. 9%, 2% skeleton attack

◾Side Special- Hell Breaker: Atticus charges up his fist with death magic and then punches forwards; as he punches forth a large skeletal fist of green light surrounds his fist. 28%

◾Up Special- Spirit Warp: Atticus vanishes in a flash of green light and reappears a short distance in the input direction.* 3%

◾Down Special- Gravestone: Atticus raises one hand and a gravestone rises from the ground in front of him; using down special again will cause the gravestone to explode in green light. 14%



Side Taunt: Atticus cleans his glasses.

Up Taunt: Atticus levitates just over the ground as a green flame appears on each side of himself.

Down Taunt: Atticus summons a skeleton next to him and high-fives it.

Story ModeEdit

First LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Tondan

Enemy: Gaudregault

Second LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Neptius

Enemy: Fortu

Third LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Zyran

Enemy: Calvin

Fourth LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Wygyllhaur

Enemy: Caitria

Fifth LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Altrhia

Enemy: Hallbert

Sixth LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Saerfelle

Enemy: Phantom

Seventh LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Ectra

Enemy: Eagle King

Eighth LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Kent

Enemy: Aiden

Ninth LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Vyllis

Enemy: Taux

Tenth LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Tondan

Enemy: Bazzingo Boozop


Atticus finished the pillar's trials and wished for his curse to be removed. The pillar glowed with light, granting his wish. Atticus closed his eyes, and was relieved to find the only thing he saw to be the backs of his eyelids. Atticus collected his books and returned to his library. Upon entering his home, he was confused as to where his wife had gone.




Idle AnimationEdit


Atticus surrounds himself with a ghostly aura.

Reference GalleryEdit


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