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Fights for


  • No. of Jumps: 2
  • Wall Jump: Y
  • Wall Cling: N
  • Tether Recovery?: N
  • Float?: N
  • Crawl?: N




  • Forward throw can be aimed.
  • Down throw pins the opponent in place.



◾Normal A- Chester hits forwards with the end of the bow, then the other end of it, and then swings the whole bow forwards. 3%, 2%, 3%


◾Up Tilt- Chester swings his bow overhead. 4%

◾Down Tilt- Chester rolls backwards, nocking an arrow, and then fires the arrow forwards. 4% roll, 4% arrow

◾Forward Tilt- Chester stabs an arrow forwards. 5%

Heavy AttacksEdit

◾Up - Chester does a flip kick. 8%

◾Fully Charged Up Heavy- Chester fires a flaming arrow upwards that explodes after travelling a certain distance or upon hitting an enemy. 15%

◾Forward - Chester swings his bow forwards like a golf club. 8%

◾Fully Charged Forward Heavy- Chester fires an arrow forwards, the arrow surrounded with a shockwave. 16%

◾Down - Chester crouches low and spins around, swinging his bow to all sides. 11% when all hits connect

◾Fully Charged Down Heavy- Chester hits to one side with the bow and then the other.

Other attacksEdit

◾Dash Attack - Chester does a knee-slide across the ground. 6%

◾Ledge Attack -

Aerial AttacksEdit

◾Up aerial - Chester draws an arrow from his quiver and stabs it upwards. 5%

◾Down aerial - Chester fires two arrows downwards, both at steep diagonal angles. 3% each arrow

◾Neutral aerial - Chester fires an arrow forwards. 3%

◾Forward aerial - Chester swipes an arrow forwards and then fires the arrow at a downwards angle. 4%, 4%

◾Back aerial - Chester kicks backwards three times. 3% each hit

Grabs and ThrowsEdit

◾Pummel: Chester whacks the opponent with his bow. 2% each hit

◾Forward Throw- Chester tangles the opponent up in their bow and then waits a moment; during this time, the bow can be aimed forwards, backwards, upwards, and diagonally upwards; after the bow is aimed, Chester releases the bowstring and launched the opponent away. 6%

◾Back Throw- Chester tosses the opponent and then fires an arrow at them. 3%, 2% from arrow

◾Down Throw- Chester leaps back away from the opponent, into the air, and then fires an arrow at them that pins them in place briefly. 2%

◾Up Throw- Chester kicks the opponent upwards. 4%

Special MovesEdit

◾Neutral Special- Return Fire: Chester reaches a hand out; if an enemy projectiles hits him while doing this, he'll grab the projectile, load it onto his bow, and fire it back in the direction it came from. 1.4x damage of reflected projectile

◾Side Special- Draw Weight: Chester pulls back the bowstring and holds it, letting it build up tension, and then releases it, letting the bowstring smack forwards and launching any enemies in front of Chester. 17%

◾Up Special- Dual Arrow: Chester fires an arrow downwards, propelling himself upwards slightly, and then fires a second arrow that boosts him much higher. 5% each arrow

◾Down Special- Arrow Hail: Chester leaps up into the air and fires ten arrows, each in varying angles and directions ranging from diagonally behind and below him to horizontally in front of himself. In the air, he simply stalls in place while firing. 2% each arrow



Side Taunt:

Up Taunt:

Down Taunt:

Extra Taunt:

Extra Taunt:

Story ModeEdit

First LevelEdit

Stage: Mackey's Tavern

Enemy: 6 Thugs

Second LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Althria

Enemy: Calvin

Third LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Wygyllhaur

Enemy: Atticus

Fourth LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Tondan

Enemy: Hallbert

Fifth LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Saerfelle

Enemy: Ursula

Sixth LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Neptius

Enemy: Aiden

Seventh LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Vyllis

Enemy: Phantom

Eighth LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Ectra

Enemy: Eagle King

Ninth LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Kent

Enemy: Noctus

Tenth LevelEdit

Stage: Black Pillar

Enemy: 20 Assassins, 2 Noctus





Idle AnimationEdit



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