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Fights for Thrill

Fortu is a sentient voodoo doll from the realm of Zyran; it was created by a sorcerer for use by the dark clan. Fortu betrayed its masters and went off on its own to cause mischief.

Fortu stumbled upon the pillar in Zyran and found the dark clan there; Fortu decided to fight the clan and upon killing them was seen as worthy by the pillar, and so the pillar granted Fortu a wish. Fortu, realizing that he enjoyed combat, wished for more. The pillar granted his wish and Fortu fought other warriors from other realms.


  • No. of Jumps: 2
  • Wall Jump: Y
  • Wall Cling: N
  • Tether Recovery?: N
  • Float?: N
  • Crawl?: N


  • Kill moves: all smash attacks, down aerial, back aerial, Pinprick, Pinpoint, Wrath



  • Down throw attunes opponents like neutral special does.
  • Fully charged up smash only damages opponents when attuned, but will hit them as long as they aren't dodging or blocking.
  • Pummel heals Fortu.



◾Normal A- Fortu stabs forth with one pin and then the other. 4%, 4%


◾Up Tilt- Fortu stabs upwards with one pin. 6%

◾Down Tilt- Fortu stabs low across the ground with one of the pins. 5%

◾Forward Tilt- Fortu headbutts forwards. 5%

Heavy AttacksEdit

◾Up - Fortu bites upwards. 10%

◾Fully Charged Up Heavy- Fortu strikes his pins together to create a spark and set himself on fire; normally the move would deal 6% recoil damage to Fortu, but if he is attuned to the opponent it will instead damage them. 15%

◾Forward - Fortu stabs forwards rapidly with both pins and then finishes by stabbing forth with both pins at once. 14% when all hits connect

◾Fully Charged Forward Heavy- Fortu leaps forwards, points both pins forwards, and spins around like a drill. 18% when all hits connect

◾Down - Fortu stabs his pins to both sides. 9%

◾Fully Charged Down Heavy- Fortu sticks a pin into the ground and then spins around on it to kick to each side. 11%, 13%

Other attacksEdit

◾Dash Attack - Fortu rolls forwards across the ground. 7%

◾Ledge Attack - Fortu stabs over the edge with one pin and climbs up. 2%

Aerial AttacksEdit

◾Up aerial - Fortu strikes upwards with both pins. 8%

◾Down aerial - Fortu drops straight downwards with one pin pointed at the ground. 7%

◾Neutral aerial - Fortu does a midair somersault. 5%

◾Forward aerial - Fortu slashes forth twice and then stabs forwards. 3%, 2%, 3%

◾Back aerial - Fortu stabs backwards with both pins. 8%

Grabs and ThrowsEdit

◾Pummel: Fortu bites the opponent, draining some of their life force from them. 2%, heals Fortu 1% each hit

◾Forward Throw- Fortu takes the opponent in his teeth, spins around, and hurls them away. 6%

◾Back Throw- Fortu tosses the opponent backwards. 4%

◾Down Throw- Fortu lays the opponent on the ground and attunes his magic to them. 2%

◾Up Throw- Fortu tosses the opponent up and stabs upwards with one of his pins. 7%

Special MovesEdit

◾Neutral Special- Attune/Pinprick: Fortu attunes his voodoo magics to an enemy in front of him; once attuned, pressing the neutral special button again will have Fortu use Pinprick, in which he stabs himself with one of his pins and the opponent receives the damage and launch from it; if Fortu takes 20% damage his magic will become inactive on the opponent and they will no longer be attuned. 10%

◾Side Special- Swarm: Fortu opens his mouth and a swarm of wasps flies out if his mouth and homes in on the nearest opponent. 6%

◾Up Special- Pinpoint: Fortu stabs upwards with one pin as he rises vertically into the air, and when he reaches the peak of the move he spins around with both pins extended to launch any opponents caught in the attack.* 12% when all hits connect

◾Down Special- Wrath: Fortu takes on a defensive stance; if an attack hits him, he'll block the attack with his pins and then stab himself with the pin and deal the damage to the opponent; if the target is attuned to Fortu, it will deal more damage when countered. 0.75x damage of countered attack, 1.25x if attuned



Side Taunt: Fortu pulls on a loose thread.

Up Taunt: Fortu zips his mouth closed and then zips it open again.

Down Taunt: Fortu does a balancing act on one of his pins.

Extra Taunt: Fortu laughs mischievously.

Extra Taunt: Fortu picks his teeth with one of his pins.

Extra Taunt: One of Fortu's buttons falls off; he picks it up and puts it back on.




Idle AnimationEdit


Fortu holds his pins in an X-formation in front of himself.


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