Smash-style fighting game

Warriors from all around go to these pillars that are located around the world and the pillars are gateways to other worlds/realms where they can challenge other warriors to do battle and show their battle prowess before the pillars so that they can be granted a wish. A clan of evil warriors also exists that work to corrupt these pillars and transform them into dark pillars that will release demons from another realm.


All attacks from Smash including grabs

Block; a defensive maneuver that lets a character tank a hit, reducing the damage taken from the attack and taking no knockback, however, if a move is too strong (deals 16% or more) it cannot be blocked and it will instead break the character's block and leave them vulnerable to attack for a second

Blocks have a maximum of five uses, after which the character cannot block for a certain amount of time and must wait for their block to recharge

Timing a block correctly will deflect a blocked projectile and send it off in a different direction; weaker projectiles that deal 5% or less will not use up blocks when deflected, but stronger projectiles that do 6% or more will


Smash attacks change when fully charged and the charge can be stored when it reaches full by pressing shield button

Edges; edge options limited to ledge get-up, ledge jump, ledge attack, ledge drop; no ledge rolls


No footstools

Ledge hogs

Two ground attacks that deal the same damage will clash when they make contact, and when they clash the two fighters that clashed slide away from each other


Caitria Finley- Fights for Her People

Taux Randt- Fights for Revenge

Aiden- Fights for Love

Jerry- Fights for Mastery

Calvin- Fights for Friends

Gaudregault- Fights for Power

Atticus- Fights for His Mind

Hallbert- Fights for Family

Ursula- Fights for Good

Noctus- Fights for Evil

Gunner- Fights for Knowledge

Fortu- Fights for Thrill

Bazzingo Boozop- Fights for Justice

Dimitri- Fights for Money

Tsuki- Fights for Righteousness

Eagle King- Fights for the Throne

Medea- Fights for Her Reputation

Valentine- Unlockable

Pants- Unlockable

Character Name IdeasEdit


Juggernaut CharacterEdit

  • Heavyweight and slow
  • Special move that is a command grab
  • Super Armor on some attacks?
  • Great grab game
  • Solid combo game
  • Poor air game
  • Good recovery but predictable
  • Uses a flail?
  • Phase move to deal with projectiles?
  • Very difficult time dealing with projectiles

Cleric CharacterEdit

  • Wields a staff
  • Fast attacks but are weak in terms of damage
  • Great combo game
  • Lightweight, easy to KO
  • Special move that can heal self, heal allies?
  • Poor grab game
  • Good aerial mobility
  • Poor recovery

Barbarian CharacterEdit

  • Uses an axe
  • Large hitboxes but range isn't great
  • Pillage mechanic?
  • High damage on attacks
  • Average mobility in the air and on the ground

Archer CharacterEdit

  • Uses a bow in battle
  • Heavy emphasis on keep-away and zoning
  • Weak to characters that can easily approach and get in their face
  • Great range on many attacks
  • Requires accuracy to play effectively
  • Good air game
  • Effective at edgeguarding

Assassin Character*Edit

  • Fast attacks and movement
  • Few options out of shield
  • Low range on attacks
  • Has potential to kill early
  • When a certain amount of damage has been taken the Assassin triggers their Lethal Ability that makes the next smash attack they use a guaranteed kill
  • Good recovery but predictable and easy to gimp
  • Wall cling

Pillar Guardian Character*Edit

  • Uses magic of some kind?
  • Has multiple jumps
  • Good air game
  • Has difficulty landing
  • Floaty
  • Gets juggled easily
  • Lots of multi-hitting attacks
  • Focused around defensive play
  • Has a counter?

Warlock Character*Edit

  • Projectile that homes in
  • Teleporting recovery
  • Nosferatu-esque move
  • Slow on the ground
  • Good grab game but low grab range
  • Hits hard and has good range on most attacks
  • Many attacks have considerable start-up or are slow


  • Fastest running speed
  • Average air speed
  • Attacks are very fast
  • Combo-oriented
  • Few kill moves
  • Low damage on attacks
  • Throws are like combos in and of themselves

Speedy BladeEdit

  • Swordfighter
  • Fast attacks
  • Has a move that involves slashing the target and then the opponent is launched when the character sheathes their sword
  • Lightning-fast, precise attacks contrary to the heavier-hitting fighting styles of Dimitri and Gaudregault
  • Locked to close-combat, lacks projectiles


  • Uses a knife
  • Has a teleporting move
  • Can 'steal' from other characters by running past them...but what exactly would they be stealing?
    • Health?
    • Projectiles?
  • Can crawl


  • Moves mostly based on traditional, folk-style wrestling
  • Has multiple command grabs
  • Grappler character
  • Has a throw that lets them carry opponents?


  • Uses a sword and shield
  • Attacks utilize both the sword and shield


Pillar of Althria

Pillar of Ectra

Shaye's Glade

Pillar of Wygyllhaur

Blade Shrine

Pillar of Tondan

Black Pillar

Pillar of Neptius

Pillar of Hiir

Pillar of Kent

Mackey's Tavern

Pillar of Saerfelle

Pillar of Vyllis

Pillar of Zyran

Bandit Hideout

Great Pillar

Massucha Manor

Pillar of Ospiel


  • Superhero effects on Bazzingo?
  • Replays with time stamps
    • Fast forward? Rewind?

(More characters later)

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