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Fights for Reputation

Medea is a witch from the realm of Zyran; she used to be under the employ of a royal family, assisting with healing and the removal of hexes or curses from people. She lived a rather lavish lifestyle with her pet cat, Dart, until her rival, Octavius, placed a curse on the royal family that Medea could not remove, and then framed Medea for it.

Medea was cast out of the royal family's employment and she was hunted by the townspeople. She escaped to her old secret library and fervently researched a way to reverse the curse on the royal family, but her search proved fruitless. Just when she was ready to give up, Dart knocked a book off the top shelf that she hadn't seen, which she read. She learned of a magic pillar that could grant wishes, and so she went to wish for the removal of the curse to put herself back in good status.


  • No. of Jumps: 2
  • Wall Jump: Y
  • Wall Cling: N
  • Tether Recovery?: N
  • Float?: N
  • Crawl?: N


Kill moves: all smash attacks, up aerial, back aerial



  • Dash attack can be held.
  • Forward aerial can cancel into up aerial.



◾Normal A- Medea swings her hand forwards twice and then thrusts her hand forwards as a fireball is blasted from it; the fireball acts as a projectile. 1%, 2%, 4%


◾Up Tilt- Medea's hat jumps upwards off her head and then lands back on her head. 3%

◾Down Tilt- Medea kicks across the ground. 4%

◾Forward Tilt- Medea jabs her broom forwards. 5%

Heavy AttacksEdit

◾Up - Medea opens up a spellbook that a trident erupts from. 11%

◾Fully Charged Up Heavy - Medea opens up a spellbook that a column of fire erupts from. 14%

◾Forward - Medea throws a handful of black powder on to the ground in front of her that explodes. 12%

◾Fully Charged Forward Heavy - Medea throws a cauldron full of magic potion forwards that explodes upon hitting an opponent. 15%

◾Down - Medea sweeps her broom to one side and then the other. 8%

◾Fully Charged Down Heavy - Medea releases two illusory copies that dash around her rapidly. 13%

Other attacksEdit

◾Dash Attack - Medea jumps on her broom and kicks forwards while riding it; if the button is held, she'll keep moving forwards until she reaches a ledge or until the button is released. 8%

◾Ledge Attack - An illusory copy of Medea climbs up over the edge and swings her broom forwards twice, afterwards Medea climbs up. 3%

Aerial AttacksEdit

◾Up aerial – Medea swings her broom overhead. 6%

◾Down aerial - Medea fires a small lightning bolt at a steep downwards angle that will poison an enemy it hits; the poison last for four seconds. 2%, 1% each second

◾Neutral aerial - Medea swings her broom around in a circle. 5%

◾Forward aerial – Medea hangs from her broom as it flies forwards and does a swinging kick; can be cancelled into up aerial. 7%

◾Back aerial - An illusory copy of Medea phases out of her body, swipes a hand backwards, and then retreats back into Medea. 6%

Grabs and ThrowsEdit

◾Pummel: Medea hits the opponent with the handle of her broom. 2% each hit

◾Forward Throw- Medea throws the opponent away and fires three small bolts of lightning at them that burn them when they hit. 3%, 2% each bolt

◾Back Throw- Medea tosses the enemy back and then sends an illusory copy that dashes into them. 5%

◾Down Throw- Medea's cat, Dart, crawls out from under her hat and stands behind the opponent; Medea then pushes them forwards and forces them to trip over the cat, afterwards the cat hops back up into her hat. 1%

◾Up Throw- Medea batters the opponent away with her broom. 5%

Special MovesEdit

◾Neutral Special- Frog Hex: Medea charges a magic hex in her hand; when it is fully charged the charge will be stored; hitting an enemy with the projectile will turn them into a frog for two seconds; opponents that are turned into frogs are a set speed, very lightweight, and cannot attack, but can block; they are also able to cling onto walls. 0%

◾Side Special- Cat Cannon: Medea takes off her hat and points the open end forwards; a puff of smoke is released from the hat and a black cat flies out of it. 7%

◾Up Special- Broom Ride: Medea mounts her broom and flies in the input direction.* 6%

◾Down Special- Illusory Dance: Medea flips in one direction and an illusory copy of herself flips in the opposite direction, damaging opponents they hit during the flip; at the end of the move if the button is quickly pressed, Medea will warp to the location of the illusory copy of herself and leave the illusory copy in her place. 4%



Side Taunt: Medea's cat, Dart, peeks out from under her hat.

Up Taunt: Medea sits down on her broom as it hovers above the ground and reads a spellbook.

Down Taunt: Medea holds up her index finger and blows on it, a puff of smoke coming off the tip of her finger as she does so.




Idle AnimationEdit


Medea gets into a stance and swaps between herself and an illusory copy.


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