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Fights for Revenge

Once a poor village boy in the realm of Tondan, Taux and his brother were working the fields when a group of bandits rode through, killed his brother, and burned the town to the ground. Taux managed to escape, and when he went back to the village he found but one thing that survived the attack: a spear. Taking up the spear as his weapon, he vowed to see the bandits slain for what they did. He trained vigorously, but his technique still lacked. He eventually went to the capital city of Tondan and enlisted in the army to help him hone his skill; however, he was rejected by the army.

As he left the city, a commander of the army stopped him and told him that he would help him hone his skill so he could join the army. Taux told him that he did not wish to join the army, only to get revenge. The commander nonetheless helped him become a master of the spear, and then Taux set out on his journey to find the bandits that had taken everything from him those many years ago.

Taux's quest proved fruitless for many years, until he soon heard of a pillar that would grant him a wish if he proved his worth before it. Taux departed immediately for the pillar to wish for the whereabouts of the bandits.


  • No. of Jumps: 2
  • Wall Jump: Y
  • Wall Cling: N
  • Tether Recovery?: N
  • Float?: N
  • Crawl?: N


  • Kill moves: all smash attacks, up aerial, down aerial, Wind Piercer, Spear Vault
  • Forward tilt can be cancelled into any other ground attack except another forward tilt, making it a good combo starter and kill set-up
  • Most attacks have good range
  • Attacks deal more damage and launch when sweetspotted at the tip of the spear
  • Good ground game
  • Good air game
  • Third fastest dashing speed in the game
  • Sixth fastest air speed
  • Combo Starters: forward tilt, down throw, Spear Vault
  • Good combo game
  • Spear Toss can be charged to increase the distance of the projectile; the gust of wind it releases upon hitting the ground will push opponents away from the spear, which can be used to blow them away from the edge or towards Taux to be hit with an attack
  • Wind Piercer is a powerful chargeable attack that has potential to kill early; Taux can also move around and use his ground jump while charging
  • Spear Spin blows opponents away from Taux if they aren't caught in the attack itself, which can be used for edgegaurding; the attack itself is also a good combo finisher
  • Spear Vault is a great combo starter when used on the ground, and in the air can meteor smash opponents


  • Below average jump height
  • Has a difficult time closing out stocks, as attacks typically need to be sweetspotted in order to kill reliably
  • Lowest wall jump height in the game
  • Mid-lightweight, having less survivability
  • Below average grab game
  • Wind Piercer has considerable ending lag if it misses and leaves Taux helpless when the attack is launched in the air
  • Spear Spin is very linear in recovery, and while it covers good vertical distance it covers very little horizontal distance
  • Spear Vault is weaker in the air, doesn't move Taux upwards as much, and is worse for combos in the air


  • Forward tilt can be cancelled into other ground attacks.


Moves with a ~ before them are the damage values when an attack is sweetspotted with the tip of the spear.


◾Normal A- Taux stabs his spear forwards, then strikes forth with the shaft, and then charges forth and jabs forwards with his knee. 3%~5%, 3%~5%, 3%


◾Up Tilt- Taux sticks the spear in the ground, using it to vault himself upwards, and then kicks forwards once and then upwards once, with the first kick chaining into the second. 4% first kick, 4% second kick

◾Down Tilt- Taux stabs his spear low to the ground. 5%~8%

◾Forward Tilt- Strikes forwards with the butt of the spear; has no tipper but can be cancelled into any other ground attack except another forward tilt. 4%

Heavy AttacksEdit

◾Up - Taux executes an uppercut-like maneuver with his spear. 12%~15%

◾Fully Charged Up Heavy- Taux twirls his spear around while taking a step forwards and then finishes with an upwards swing of the spear. 16%~19%

◾Forward - Taux smashes the spear forwards. 14%~16%

◾Fully Charged Forward Heavy- Taux kicks forwards and then spins around on his foot and stabs his spear forwards; the kick chains directly into the stab. 5% from kick, 12%~14% from spear

◾Down - Taux leaps upwards and then does a descending strike with his spear; only hits in front of him. 11%~14%

◾Fully Charged Down Heavy- Taux stabs forwards with his spear and then stabs backwards; first hit links into the second. 8%~10% first hit, 7%~10% second hit

Other attacksEdit

◾Dash Attack - Taux stabs the spear forwards with both hands. 5%~9%

◾Ledge Attack - Taux swings his spear forwards as he climbs up. 3%~5%

Aerial AttacksEdit

◾Up aerial - Taux stabs his spear upwards. 6%~9%

◾Down aerial - Taux swings the spear below himself; spikes when sweetspotted. 8%~12%

◾Neutral aerial - Taux stabs his spear forwards at a slight downwards angle. 5%~8%

◾Forward aerial - Taux swings the spear in a downwards arc in front of himself. 6%~10%

◾Back aerial - Taux kicks backwards with both feet. 8%

Grabs and ThrowsEdit

◾Pummel: Taux strikes the enemy with the shaft of his spear. 2% each hit

◾Forward Throw- Taux kicks the enemy away. 4%

◾Back Throw- Taux tosses the enemy backwards and then stabs backwards with his spear. 6%

◾Down Throw- Taux spins around with the opponent and then body slams them on the ground. 4%

◾Up Throw- Taux falls backwards with the opponent, forcing them to land on his spear which is pointed upright. 6%

Special MovesEdit

◾Neutral Special- Spear Toss: Taux hurls his spear forwards as a projectile that travels in an arc; can be charged to increase the distance the spear is thrown; if the spear impacts with the ground it will release a gust of wind on each side of it that pushes opponents away from the spear. 8%

◾Side Special- Wind Piercer: Taux holds his spear behind them and charges it up; they can walk around while charging, albeit slowly, and have use of his ground jump; when the button is released they will stab his lance forwards as it glows silver and releases a small shockwave from around the tip; a bit of wind moves behind Taux while charging, pushing opponents behind him away.* 8%~12% uncharged, 28%~32% fully charged

◾Up Special- Spear Spin: Taux spins his spear around like a helicopter blade and rises vertically into the air; not much horizontal influence; the move blows nearby opponents away from Taux.* 12% when all hits connect

◾Down Special- Spear Vault: Taux sticks his spear into the ground and springs upwards off of it; opponents caught in the move will be popped up into the air along with Taux, making it great for starting an aerial combo; Taux is sent upwards less distance when it is used in the air, but the move will also spike opponent below Taux when it is used in the air. 5%



Side Taunt: Taux spins his spear around, showing off.

Up Taunt: Taux stands his spear upright and says, "Stay frosty."

Down Taunt: Taux

Story ModeEdit

First LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Tondan

Enemy: Fortu

Second LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Zyran

Enemy: Jerry

Third LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Ectra

Enemy: Hallbert

Fourth LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Saerfelle

Enemy: Eagle King

Fifth LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Kent

Enemy: Gaudregault

Sixth LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Neptius

Enemy: Caitria

Seventh LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Althria

Enemy: Bazzingo Boozop

Eighth LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Hiir

Enemy: Calvin

Ninth LevelEdit

Stage: Pillar of Wygyllhaur

Enemy: Atticus

Taux completed the last of the trials, and the Pillar of Tondan deemed him worthy. Taux wished for the location of the bandits who had murdered his brother, and his wish was granted. The location set in his mind, Taux set off to exact his vengeance on them.

Tenth LevelEdit

Stage: Bandit Hideout

Enemy: 30 Bandits


Taux walked away from the bandit hideout, the whole lot of them slaughtered. Revenge was his, and Taux was confident that his brother could now rest peacefully. As for Taux, he continued to practice with the spear, swearing to prevent anymore innocent people from getting hurt by criminals.




Idle AnimationEdit


Reference GalleryEdit


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