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Fights for Righteousness

Hailing from the realm of Massucha, Tsuki is a young pureblood vampire, and her world is teeming with demons and monsters that play with humans from the shadows, in most cases with them being completely oblivious. She was raised as any other vampire would be, and delighted in all of the fine comforts of nobility as the purebloods are considered noble. However she was always very curious about the humans they used as livestock, so she began spying on them from the shadows, studying them and learning. She even went so far as to disguise herself as one of them a few times and wander the cities. Eventually she decided she didn't like the way the vampires treated the humans. During her time with them she'd grown quite fond of the humans, though not as equals, more like as pets; lower but cute creatures; vampires typically slaughter, devour, and use them however they wish. So she decided she'd help protect them, by turning that same behavior around and directing it at her own kind.

She quickly gained a reputation among her kind as a vampire hunter. Later down the road as she was experimenting with different magics she discovered the existence of multiple worlds and began traveling between them, always seeking to balance out good and evil within the worlds she visited. Thus she became a sort of world-traveling monster hunter. After more study she was able to create her own demi plane to live in, creating her own castle within.

There is no pillar in the world of Massucha; Tsuki simply uses her magic to travel to the other realms and fight for what she deems right.


  • No. of Jumps: 2
  • Wall Jump: Y
  • Wall Cling: N
  • Tether Recovery?: N
  • Float?: N
  • Crawl?: N


Kill moves: up smash, fully charged down smash, down aerial, forward aerial, Flame Claw, Portal Counter



  • Fully charged up smash won't activate unless an opponent is standing next to Tsuki.



◾Normal A- Tsuki kicks forwards, then rapidly slashes her scythe in front of her; when the button is released, she finishes with a final strong slash. 1%, 1% each hit, 3%


◾Up Tilt- Tsuki swings her scythe overhead; hits behind her and above her. 5%

◾Down Tilt- Tsuki sweeps one leg across the ground. 4%

◾Forward Tilt- Tsuki swings her scythe forwards; if the button is pressed again, she'll do a bicycle kick. 6%, 2%

Heavy AttacksEdit

◾Up - Tsuki slashes her scythe upwards. 12%

◾Fully Charged Up Heavy- Tsuki holds her scythe behind her and takes on a stance; if an opponent is in front of her she'll leap upwards while slashing her scythe multiple times, carrying the opponent into the air and launching them with a final slash. 8%, 4%, 4%

◾Forward - Tsuki stabs her scythe forwards. 13%

◾Fully Charged Forward Heavy- Tsuki slashes her scythe forwards twice. 8%, 8%

◾Down - Tsuki slashes her scythe to one side and then the other. 9%, 8%

◾Fully Charged Down Heavy- Tsuki spins around with her scythe. 15%

Other attacksEdit

◾Dash Attack - Tsuki rolls forwards through the air and then slashes her lance in a downwards arc in front of her until it impacts with the ground. 8% when all hits connect

◾Ledge Attack - Tsuki warps up to the ledge and then slashes her scythe forwards. 4%

Aerial AttacksEdit

◾Up aerial - Tsuki kicks upwards twice. 3%, 2%

◾Down aerial - Tsuki strikes downwards with her scythe. 7%

◾Neutral aerial - Tsuki spins her scythe around in front of herself. 10% when all hits connect

◾Forward aerial - Tsuki slashes her scythe forwards. 6%

◾Back aerial - Tsuki stabs her scythe backwards and then pulls it back in. 4%, 3%

Grabs and ThrowsEdit

◾Pummel: Tsuki headbutts the opponent. 2% each hit

◾Forward Throw- Tsuki kicks off of the opponent, springing herself backwards. 4%

◾Back Throw- Tsuki tosses the opponent on the ground behind her and then swings her scythe like a golf club, launching them away. 6%

◾Down Throw- Tsuki tosses the opponent on the ground and then strikes them with her scythe. 7%

◾Up Throw- Tsuki launches the opponent with her knee. 4%

Special MovesEdit

◾Neutral Special- Blood Sucker: Tsuki grabs forwards; if she manages to grab an opponent, she’ll bite into them and drain some of their life force; deals 10% damage, heals Tsuki for 8%.

◾Side Special- Flame Claw: Tsuki engulfs her hand in flame; when the button is pressed again, she'll slash her flaming claw forwards; can be charged up, charge can be stored by shielding or will automatically store once it reaches full charge.* 9% uncharged, 23% fully charged

◾Up Special- Bat Swarm: Tsuki turns into a swarm of bats and flies in the input direction.* 2% each hit

◾Down Special- Portal Counter: Tsuki takes on a defensive stance; if hit with an attack during the stance she vanishes and a portal opens in her place; Tsuki leaps out of the portal, slashing with her scythe. 1.20x



Side Taunt: Tsuki holds her scythe behind her, leans forwards, and winks.

Up Taunt:

Down Taunt:




Idle AnimationEdit


Tsuki summons a flock of bats that flies around her.


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